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Pony Camp - 2024

Come join us for a Magical Summer at Dapple Hill Farm, where a child's dream is just a hoof print away.

Download the Pony Camp Registration Form to get started with this introductory program today.

This is going to be an unprecedented summer at Dapple Hill Farm Pony Camp. DON’T MISS IT!

DHF’s annual summer Pony Camp is an affordable opportunity for children and young teens to learn about the world of horses. Campers are introduced to ponies and horses, becoming familiar with different breeds and their temperaments. On the ground, campers learn the basics of nutrition, grooming, first aid, and horse health. Under saddle, campers will learn to ride! In a group format, campers will have daily lessons on position, control, and over fences.

We limit our sessions to fourteen students to ensure an optimal student/teacher ratio. Sessions will further be divided into two groups depending on age and/or ability of the rider.

Activities include: bobbing for apples, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, horse games and a costume class horse show. DHF Pony Camp is famous for “THE WEDDING.” Each session concludes with the marriage ceremony of our two most eligible ponies who are fully dressed as the BRIDE & GROOM.

Life skills learned: responsibility, time management, teamwork, problem solving, decision making, patience, courage, etc…

Campers will also love sharing their time with the farm dog HILLAPEA, our mascot who oversees all activities with royalty and supreme authority.

Camp is offered in weekly sessions throughout the summer. Camp Hours: 10am – 3pm

Dates for this year


  Week 1 June 10 - June 14
  Week 2 June 17 - June 21
  Week 3 June 24 - June 28
  Week 4 * 3 DAY WEEK July 1 - July 3
  Week 5 July 8 - July 12
  Week 6 July 15 - July 19
  Week 7 July 22 - July 26
  Week 8 July 29 - Aug 2
  Week 9 Aug 5  - Aug 9
  Week 10 Aug 12 - Aug 16
  Week 11 Aug 19 - Aug 23
  Week 12 Aug 26 - Aug 30

Pony camp rates:
Mon. – Fri. $650.00
Mon Wed Fri $525.00

A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is due to reserve your place. The balance is due 2 weeks before the first day of camp.

During lessons campers must wear riding boots, chaps or long pants, and approved riding helmet. Helmet rentals available. For all other activities shorts and sneakers are acceptable. Campers should also bring a bathing suit and towel for water activities.

Campers are required to bring a snack and a lunch daily with extra water.


Sibling discount: Deduct 5% off, for all siblings after the 1st child. Only offered on full week registrations.

Multiple weeks: 10% off after 4 weeks of Pony Camp. Only offered on full weeks.

Referral discount: Get a “free” day of camp every time you refer a “paid” camper for a week. Only offered on full week referrals. Refer 5 campers, come to camp for one week free of charge! Only valid first time you refers someone.